My Bedroom Needs A Little TLC – HELP Please!

That title is actually quite an understatement. Four years ago my husband and I bought our house. Our old, slightly dilapidated, way-too-much-to fix up house. Basically any structural renovations are pretty much going to cause the house to be torn down and rebuilt. But, cosmetic changes, while really only patches to fix up a crumbling house, do make things look much better.

See this? That is my bedroom. It's pretty horrid looking, and that window with Duck Tape on it? Yeah, my daughter put her head through that. She has managed to tear down two sets of shades too. The third window never had a shade on it. Our windows do not open. (Some jerkface painted them shut.) We have no curtains, and the color on the wall, while I like it, has run its course and I'm over it. Basically what it comes down to is that WE NEED HELP getting this room looking less drab and ramshackled.

Recently I've been getting some ideas. Since replacing our windows isn't a cost we can afford right now, I'm thinking maybe using a type of Window Wallpaper. I figure it would give us the privacy we'd really like, while still letting light in, but most importantly covering up all of the grossness that has made its way behind the panes of glass we cannot open. I've really been liking this design. --->

Do you see that gorgeous dark blue/teal type color in there near the center-bottom? I want to paint my room THAT color. I know it's dark, which usually isn't best for a small room, but I love the intimate feel this color would create. And talk about a fantastic contrast to the Window Wallpaper. I love bringing out small accent colors found in other decorations. The trim I think would have to be one of the tan colors - perhaps the tan in the upper right.

Now the curtains... while not necessary I think I would like in that really pretty dark red/salmon color on the left of the photo, or one of the greens - possibly the lightest green down at the bottom.

Then I need to figure out a bedding to bring it all together. I really like the oranges and yellows even though I would never consider those a favorite color. Hmmm... that one I need to think on a bit.

I've started pinning my ideas - and you can following along [HERE].

What do you think? Any suggestions? :D

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