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My son started walking! Yup, that's proud mama bragging right there. He started walking two weeks before his first birthday, and I realized, I didn't have a pair of walking shoes for him. He had his baby shoes, but since he wasn't walking, and it's Summer, I didn't worry about getting him a pair of shoes. Then it sneaked up on me. My little boy was no longer crawling, but instead toddling around my house, and here we were without any shoes. Oops!

I reached out to pediped because I've heard so many wonderful things about their shoes, and several of my blogging friends had rave reviews too. Much to my delight (and relief), pediped offered to send my son a pair of pediped Originals in the Jones style (in blue). It was a complete surprise what they were sending, but I don't think I would have picked out anything different. These shoes are just too stinkin' cute, and they have been a great product for my son. I requested a size 18-24 months since my son has big feet, and I'd hate for him to grow out of them within a month. They're a bit big, but they don't seem to be too cumbersome for his newly toddling feet.

"Jones is a sporty style with a casual twist. Jones features two tones of blue and fun, multi-colored stripes across the top and down the sides. Ideal for children learning to walk, this style will keep your little one comfortable all day long!" ~ pediped

I think the pediped Originals are probably better quality shoes than most of the pairs I purchase for myself - a little sad on my part, but definitely awesome for my son. Not only are the uppers made from suede and canvas, but the soles are 100% leather. The Velcro strap is really Velcro-y, and stays in place without having to readjust it during the hours of use. But, I think the best feature of the pediped Jones Originals is that they are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development. Not only are these little shoes super adorable they are actually GOOD for your toddler's growing and newly mobile feet!
The pediped Jones Originals are really soft and flexible. Because I requested them slightly larger than my son's actual size, the flexibility paired with the Velcro strap was awesome. His first time up and about he kind of looked like he was doing a weird duck march. He'd kick his leg out higher than usual, and slap his foot down all while waddling through the house. But, after a few attempts he finally got the hang of his new pediped shoes and he was off to the races!

I kind of wish the actual foot opening was slightly stretchier. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of NOT curling his toes while I'm trying to get his pedipeds on, so it tends to result in a slight struggle. I think if the opening was a little stretchier his curled toes would be easier to work around. But, I also think one of the benefits of NOT having a stretchy opening is that it supports his feet better around the back of the heel and ankles, and it makes it harder for him to take them off.

With pediped brand shoes you're always getting quality, and this is something I love. With the pediped Originals priced at $35, as a consumer and as a parent, you want to know that what you are getting is of high quality and will last for as long as your kiddo needs it to. With more than 100 styles to choose from, you're sure to find something for any of your children. Because children's feet never. stop. growing. it's great to see that pediped offers sizes up to age 8 for girls, and up to age 7 for boys. Comfortable shoes, great quality, and awesome styles. What's not to love about pediped?!

Also, please take a few seconds to find pediped on Facebook and Twitter - I'm sure they'd love for you to stop in and say hi!

*I received a product free of charge from pediped in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. The shoes are really cute, so is your son!

    I love the idea of soft and flexible shoes, Landon’s shoes are always hard and stiff. It was hard to get him to learn to walk in shoes. I’m going to have to check out this brand.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. My son wears his Pedipeds all the time. They are really flexible and the pair we have can get wet, too, so they’ve been perfect for the summertime. Love this brand! And your son is just adorable. :)

  3. Those shoes and that baby are adorable! I love pediped shoes they are awesome for kiddos tootsies!

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