Yardsellr – $5 FREE Half-Life Signup Credit = INEXPENSIVE or FREE Goodies


Every once in awhile I see something I absolutely HAVE to have. Today was one of those days. I got an email that Yardsellr was doing a 3x Photon Flash Sale for Jewelry items so I hopped over and took a peek. I feel in LOVE with the bracelet pictured. However it was listed at $25! Um, no thanks. Turns out I had some photons built up - more than $6 worth. A 3x photon flash sale means that whatever you have in photons counts for 3x what they're worth. That brought my photon value from $6 to $18! OK - That price is much better. But, I got it down to $1 and some odd by asking friends for photon gifts. All you have to do is leave a comment on the item you want, and your friends can gift you photons where it says "gift" on your comment. Just make sure you give them the link. Yardsellr usually has fees, but many of their items ship for free! Sign up [HERE] and get a FREE $5 credit! I ended up getting the bracelet for just under $5 after the fees were added.

Half-credit means that they will expire, but you can temporarily pause them while you're shopping. Log in every day for more photons, and browse around and you might just hit the jackpot!

You can also list your items too - and make some extra $$.

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