Ugglebo – Pair of Women’s Clogs Giveaway (Winner’s Choice)

Ugglebo Seoul Clogs in Green Ash Product Review

Once you've entered to win a pair of Ugglebo Clogs on DealPeddler, make sure you head over to Suburban Coupon Mom and enter for a second chance at winning!

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  1. I would chose the black sulu wedge

  2. i like the owl logo

  3. they are made of nubuc leather and have a wood base…plus European sizing!

  4. I would choose this pair: Rio Grande high heel – they are adorable!

  5. I like the ones with the owl logo! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win a pair!

  6. I would choose the Isio clogs in Cognac :)

  7. I would pick the Maya Peep Toe clogs in black.

  8. i like a lot of them, but i might choose the maya peep toe high clog!

  9. I think they are really cute!

  10. The Rio Grand clogs in denim. Love those!

  11. I like the program Re-clog the world, its a great way to give back and to reduce landfill waste

  12. I really love when companies go the extra mile with their packaging! It says so much :) And the Re-Clog the world program is pretty amazing, too! Sounds like a great company.

  13. I love the Rio Grande in black

  14. I love clogs and my favorite pair are the Sulu Wedges In Black, and i did not know there were so many styles

  15. Oh man there are so many different choices…I think I would pick the Tokyo Clogs in Nature, Milan Clogs in Red or the Bering Clogs in Nature. I would have to play eenie-meenie-miney-moe LOL.

  16. I like the Tokyo Clogs in Nature!
    Thank you :)

  17. I like that they are shipped to you wrapped up like a present!
    Thank you :)

  18. I read on your review that Ugglebo is celebrating the Swedish Midsummer holiday by offering 30% to 50% off of EVERYTHING ! Awesome!

  19. I would choose the Rio Grande High Clogs in Dexter Tan.

  20. I like that they’re handmade.

  21. I’d take the Milan in black.

  22. I like the Tokyo Clogs in Nature

  23. Tokyo clogs in natural

  24. i like that the bases are made from wood.

  25. I love the ones you chose, the cut-out leaf patter is so pretty. I like the idea of the Re-Clog the World program as well!

  26. I love the Noori clogs in Mocha, they’re so pretty and would go with so many things!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  27. I like that they are made from wood: Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden

  28. I would choose lisbon clogs in honey

  29. In such a thoughtful and thorough review there was much to catch my eye – and I really appreciate your in depth and detailed description of the ENTIRE Ugglebo Experience – especially in terms of sizing and fit and the breaking in process – or should I learning how to walk in and wear these wonderful shoes that you so obviously fell in love with – I can hear it in your palpably and expressive description of the textures and contours of these Swedish shoes (my Mom is 3/4′s Swedish!)

    Anyway reading your very helpful review reminded me that I had a pair of wonderful blue suede clogs back when I was in college and I just adored them – wore them everywhere (even when riding a bike as I recall…

    I also remember how once I got used to them they were amazingly comfortable – just like you say. Good to know that it’s best to order up a half size if you’re one of us many in-between sizers! Thanks for the giveaway AND the VERY helpful feedback!

  30. like that they have a low heel

  31. tokyo in natural

  32. Since I don’t have any youngsters I need to chase around, I think I’d take my chance and go for the Mid heels (along I would say that 1.75″ isn’t exactly a “low heel” and at 2’65″ the Mids are a tad High… (they are like my beloved pair from college and at 5’2″ I could use the extra height.

    I think you have “sold” me and now I must have a pair of Uggebo’s (!) I’m still trying to decide between the Victoria Round-Toe Clogs in Celery (or Honey,) the Victorian Square-Toe in Denim and the Lisbon Clogs in Berry!

  33. Milan in black.

  34. After looking at all the clogs, I’d love to try the Dublin clogs in black or ocean blue. They have a similar styling to Dansco clogs. I work in a nursing home and am on my feet all day and find that I need and will pay for quality clogs that are comfortable and provide support.

  35. What a lovely giveaway. I’d love to win the Rio Grande Clogs in Denim – love the style & the unique color :)

  36. I thought it was interesting that the bottoms were wood!

  37. I would choose the Tokyo Clogs in Nature.

  38. love clogs. the ones pictured in your review with the leaf cutouts and 1.75″ heel look great.

  39. love clogs. think i’d choose tokyo…but who knows

  40. Love these! Victoria clogs in brown

    Wow, they are a truly cute and well-made clog. No clunky chunky crunchy shoes here :D

  41. I like that the shipping is free when you buy two pairs.

  42. I’d pick the Tokyo in Nature

  43. Love the Tokyo

  44. I read that the bases are made from wood, including Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden.

  45. I like the Minsk Clogs in Denim

  46. I’ve always been a fan of sweden and love that their pine is sourced from there.

  47. Those ETNA’s are adorable!

  48. Lisbon clogs in berry

  49. I like that you said the wood sole was not real hard but soft.

  50. I would love the Milan in Navy.

  51. I learned that Clog Master, Christer, assembles them by hand along with a few of his associates. I really think that is awesome! Especially, with shoes being churned out by the millions in factories, this company still makes them by hand!

  52. I love the Elvira Vintage Clogs in Pink!!!

  53. I would LOVE to have the Tokyo in natural, size 37! These look so comfortable!

  54. I love the little OWL decal on the clogs. My daughter’s nursery theme!
    (mckinneymommas at yahoo dot com)

  55. I’d choose the Milan High Heel Clogs in RED – WHOO HOO!
    (mckinneymommas at yahoo dot com)

  56. I like the Victoria Clogs

  57. They are assembled by hand, NOT a machine!!!

  58. And i’d pick….ugglebo urban etna…. these are so darn cute and look very comfy!!!

  59. What caught my eye is that they are low heels and that is perfect for me with two children and one of which is three years old! Thanks for e chance to win these beautiful shoes!

  60. I love the sulu wedges and the Rieo grand wedges!

  61. your description of my same feelings of wear and comfort is what caught me. I saw Mer’s Rios at a party last week and love them. Also not to mention their “RE-CLOG THE WORLD!” love it. Thanks

  62. I would get the Rio or the Bali high.

  63. I love that you talked about the cute packaging in your review! That makes such a difference when you order online.

  64. I would choose the Lisbon Clogs in Berry! They’re gorgeous.

  65. SULU wedge please



  68. I love the clog with the shoelaces!

  69. i love that they are handmade, that they’re always updating their styles but are still rooted in tradition and that they have the “re-cloging the world” promotion

  70. ” It was like opening up a Christmas gift. ” I love places that go the extra mile in presentation. It makes you feel like they really care about how you will like the product.

  71. I love the Rome High Clogs in Black!

  72. I really like the Rio Grande Special! Just slip on and go!

  73. I like the reclog the world idea very much!

  74. I like the Tokyo!

  75. sending in your old ones and get 25% off!

  76. amsterdam clogs, they’re on closeout…hopefully i wear a 38 lol :)

  77. I found that they were comfortable and that it took you a while to put them on because you were busy petting the leather. :D

  78. I would get the Brown Victoria Round or Square toe. It would be hard to decide!!

  79. Something that caught my eye is that some of the clogs come with a low heel, which is good for me because I’m pregnant.

  80. I would choose the Tokyo low heel clogs.

  81. The thing that caught my eye was that the base is made out of wood!!

  82. I’m not for sure which I’d pick but one of my favorites is the Bering!! They are so cute and would work for dressy and casual (my favorite combo).

  83. Oh ghe Milan in lows..devine collections

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