Nook – Free Fridays: Download ‘Gutshot Straight’ FREE


Today's Nook Free Fridays is for "Gutshot Straight" by Lou Berney. Sounds like a great read for dads! Head over [HERE] to download your FREE copy from Nook.

"With its irresistible cast of characters—a two-bit criminal in over his head, crime bosses with hair-trigger tempers, a wholesome damsel in distress— Lou Berney’s crime caper is reminiscent of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The action begins as Charles "Shake" Bouchon leaves prison, without much of a plan for life on the outside. Soon he’s made the classic mistake of taking ‘one last job,’ delivering a prized package for a notorious crime boss.

Imagine Shakes’ surprise when that package is a living, breathing, irresistibly charming housewife whose husband is in trouble with a notorious Vegas kingpin. Now he’s having second thoughts about making good on his offer, since it’s pretty clear that she’ll meet an unsavory fate if she’s delivered as promised."

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