Zipz Shoes – Win A Pair of Zipz Shoes Giveaway (Winner’s Choice)

Zipz Shoes Dragon Rose Zip-Ons Product Review

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  1. Jet Black are nice

  2. I love no laces!!!!

  3. Cool Beans!

  4. I really like the Jet Black Low Tops!

  5. I learned that the tops can unzip from the soles! That is really a neat and unique idea!

  6. The whole concept of the shoe it’s REALLY piqued my interest! How cool to be able to have countless possibilities of different shoes without actually having countless shoes! I LOVE your honesty in the review about the sizing! It helps to know these things especially when ordering online.

  7. If I won I would get a pair for my granddaughter for her birthday and I would get her the white out style.

  8. sweettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  9. These are adorable! I would have a hard time picking out one pair! I really like the youth Skullz, and the youth pink argyle the best.

  10. Mocha Latte !

  11. i have NEVER heard of these shoes before until now. They sound pretty neat. How cool is the zipper and exchanging the cover !

  12. i LOVE THE Dragon Rose….

  13. I love the idea of interchangeable uppers and soles.

  14. I would get the youth/flames for my son :)

  15. I love how you don’t need laces and that you can change the tops w/ a zipper!! :)

  16. I like the DRAGON ROSE adult zip ons

  17. I learned that with just one sole you can choose many different styles and patterns and just zip them onto the sole.

  18. Probably the Skull rose

  19. POLKA DOTZ Youth Zip-Ons. UNISEX Shoes by ZIPZ®

  20. I like the Army Camo. THank you

  21. I learned that the tops can be zipped off and are interchangeable with other tops!

  22. Cranberry Lo-Top

  23. These are awesome shoes. Love them all.

  24. i like the youth pink adn learned that they unzipp at the soles.

  25. I like the Adult Lo Tops in the MOCHA LATTE

  26. I’d love to get the RUBY HEARTZ for my daughter! Thanks!

  27. I like that they have a great limited time TV offer going on:) Thanks!

  28. Toddler T-Strap, DENIM BLUE

  29. they offer patterns and models for all sizes and ages

  30. I have to go with the toddler t-strap camo print… my son loves camo print!

  31. love the denim blue

  32. Love the pictures ,neatly done ..it makes me to really want one

  33. Totally the adult hi-top in the COMIXZ style :)

  34. Sry about your pinky toe :(
    I like the styles they have too…great review!

    • Thank you! Pinky toe is OK – but it’s worth the little bit of discomfort – kind of like wearing heels, just better! :)

  35. I would get the skullz, PINK ARGYLE, or the hippeez for my son or daughter. So cute

  36. I learned that the bottoms are interchangable! That is so cool

  37. adult zip ons in cranberry! :)

  38. Lo-Tops MOCHA LATTE are super cute

  39. I would choose the skullrose or jet black

  40. I loved the concept that you buy one single pair of shoe, change the upper and or soles and have countless shoes.

  41. I like the GRAFEETI design!

  42. Adult high top in SkullRose

  43. The TV offer with the free cover right now is awesome

  44. I like the flamez in hi-tops!

  45. I learned that one can get a free cover with purchase during the limited time offer.

  46. I would choose the Jet Black Adult LoTops.

  47. i would like the army camo

  48. i learned that the shoes can be changed and that they are offered in alot of styles and sizes. i also learned that i need some of these shoes

  49. they are interchangeable uppers and soles

  50. I really like the Low Top in Denim blue for women!

  51. I thought that this is so cool that the tops can unzip from the soles! Amazing concept!

  52. Punk Pink is cute!

  53. polka dotz would be my choice!

  54. Love the SKULLROSE in the adult ones


  55. The dragon rose!

  56. One of the greatest features of Zipz shoes is that you can mix and match any top with any sole as long as they’re the same size- I love this. As soon as I read this I was thinking I had to have a pair

  57. I really like the youth Skullz because my son loves skulls..

  58. Adult zip ons cc

  59. These shoes are really cool….

  60. The shoes look really cool but I cant quite grab the concept from the decription and the pic/demo on the website… but they do look cool!

  61. I love the CB BANDANAZ!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  62. I love that you can mix and match the tops and bottoms! Just think these are so cool!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  63. I would choose the CB BANDANAZ shoes for my son.

  64. I learned that they don’t make half sizes. Dang!

  65. I like the Jet Black lowtops

  66. Starz for my daughter

  67. I like that you can change them up, then you can have a shoe for every outfit without having a closet full of shoes

  68. I love this idea. I think it would be great for my 9 year old daughter who wants to match her shoes to every outfit but we can’t have 50 pairs of shoes in her closet :)

  69. I would choose the RUBY HEARTZ Youth Low-Tops

  70. I would take Punk Pink

  71. I would choose the toddler jet black.

  72. I like how they offer styles for all ages!!

  73. I learned that they run a little bigger than you desired, but it wasn’t that big of a deal that it still worked out okay.

  74. I like that they offer all sizes.

  75. I would get my daughter size 6 adult flowered zip ons! These are cute and unique!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  76. Army Camo — very kool looking shoes!

  77. Youth jet black

  78. I love the dragon rose Adult zip ons and I love the toddler t-straps for my little girl!

  79. PUNK PINK i learned how they still have great limited time TV offer going on… thanks for this awesome giveaway

  80. Honestly….I never had heard of Zipz Shoes before —- they are very kool looking — might actually buy a pair myself!

  81. Love the Grafetti ones!!!!

  82. I also love that you can change the uppers!!! I could change these to coordinate with each outfit… super cute with Jeans and they look really comfortable!

  83. I like the camo.

  84. I learned the uppers unzip from the soles. What a neat concept.

  85. I learned from your review how versatile this shoe is because you can change the upper part!!! That is such a great concept!

  86. Youth jet black

  87. I think I’d get the COMIXZ.

  88. I like the Adult Zip-Ons CC

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