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You know how when you get bored with a pair of shoes, or the tops get really dirty we think it's time to buy a new pair even if the soles are still in useable condition? What if it was possible to purchase a single pair of shoes, but with interchangeable uppers and soles? You're probably thinking "Yeah right. That doesn't exist." Oh, but it DOES! I stumbled across Zipz Shoes one day while searching for nifty products to review, because sharing what I find with my readers is truly the best part of my "job". And I think I hit the mother-load when I found Zipz Shoes!

Zipz Shoes sent me a pair of Dragon Rose Zip-Ons, with white soles, in a women's size 11. These are the coolest shoes I've ever seen, and the concept is fantastic! The Dragon Rose pattern is so unique, and just looking at them you'd never know that the tops can unzip from the soles. The zipper does require a tiny bit of tugging, but I think that's a great thing. Who wants their shoes to easily come unzipped while walking around? Bending over every 10 steps because your shoes are coming undone would be ridiculous. The zipper pull is big enough for even larger hands, but small enough to maintain its decorative feature. Putting the tops back onto the soles is really easy. The zipper hooks back in very easily - none of that struggling that accompanies some zippers.

One of the greatest features of Zipz shoes is that you can mix and match any top with any sole as long as they're the same size. This means you can buy 1 sole, and a set of High-Tops, Low-Tops, and Zip-Ons in any pattern and switch them out whenever you need a change. I've been considering getting the Dragon Rose High-Tops, and I'd only have to buy the tops since the soles are still in great condition. I think that's awesome. Shoes get bulky, and it's much easier to store just the tops instead of multiple full pairs of shoes.

"Change Your Shoes. Change Yourself. Change Your World." ~ Zipz Shoes

The other great thing I like about Zipz shoes is that they offer toddler, youth, men's and women's sizes. I would consider the adult sizes affordable, however I personally think they're a little pricey for children since their feet grow like weeds. However the option to purchase these in smaller sizes is nice. Toddler Zipz come in different styles than the youth an adult shoes. They're more toddler appropriate, and come in Zipz T-Strap and Zipz 2-Strap. We're a big fan of "gender neutral" items in our house since we have a boy and a girl 20 months apart, and I really applaud Zipz Shoes for offering gender neutral patterns and colors.

I really wish more shoe companies would make half sizes. I requested a size 11 because I'm just about always a comfortable 10.5, and 10's are just a tiny bit too small. The 11's are bigger than I'd like them to be (but not so big that a 10 would have fit), and my heel slips out at the back. However, there is a lot of cushion around the heel and ankle area so it keeps them from rubbing too much, and I didn't get any blisters which is a big +1 for me. These would probably be great with socks, but I rarely wear socks with any of my shoes. The Zip-Ons were slightly narrow at the widest part of my foot, so the outside of my pinky toe rubbed a tad. Again, I think this is easily fixable with socks. And, while these aren't the most comfortable shoes I've owned, I still think they're pretty darn awesome, and I enjoyed strutting my stuff in a pair of shoes that look so different!

They have a great limited time TV offer right now where you can get any style and any color (or their options available for this deal) for only $49.95 and they'll throw in a FREE cover.

Make sure you head over to their Facebook page and their Twitter page and say "Hi" - they'd love to hear from you!

Zipz is giving DealPeddler readers a chance to win a pair of Zipz shoes in any style, any color, and any size! Entrants must be residents of the USA and be 18+. Giveaway will run for approximately a week, and you'll be able to enter [HERE] when the giveaway is live.

*I received a pair of Zipz Shoes for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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