Nook – FREE Fridays Download “Occultation and Other Stories” [Expired]


I love a good horror/thriller story, and today's Nook FREE Fridays Download is a collection of a bunch of them written by Laird Barron! Download "Occultation and Other Stories" for Nook [HERE].

"'Reading Laird Barron reminds me of what it was like discovering works from the aforementioned horror masters. The nine stories featured in his latest collection are painstakingly constructed—a darkly poetic narrative fuels these deftly plotted stories of existential angst…I’ll say it right now. Laird Barron is horror’s new messiah…And after you’ve devoured these nine dark gems, make sure you check under the bed before you go to sleep. As Barron wrote in “Mysterium Tremendum,” 'there are frightful things lurking in the shadows...' "

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