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If this is your first time reading anything I've written, you need to know one thing. I Love Shoes! I don't wear shoes all that often, and prefer to go barefoot in the Summer, however I have a very strange fixation with shoes. I'm always on the hunt for a comfortable pair that expresses my personality, yet is versatile enough to wear just about anywhere; beach, lake, out for a walk, shopping, etc. The other thing I find that I dislike about many pairs of shoes, is that no matter how stylish they are, or comfortable they are, they are heavy. Lugging around a pound or two of extra weight on your feet is a little ridiculous. Then you get the shoes that scuff up your floor, the ones that have no support, or the ones that have zero grip on the soles. Now that I think about it, trying to find the perfect pair of shoes is almost an impossible task. However, Dawgs Spirit shoes take care of all of those issues!

Dawgs Footwear sent me a pair of their women's Spirit Dawgs shoes in white/peacock to review. These are the funkiest looking shoes I've seen in awhile! Funky in a good way though. They have such a unique look and you can immediately tell that they're going to allow your feet to breathe, which is important if you're planning on wearing them in the warmer months without socks. Oh yeah, I don't wear socks either unless I absolutely have to. But for those who prefer to wear socks, you certainly can with these. I think it'd look a tad odd, but that's just my style preference, and I'm by no means a style guru.

"Women's Dawgs Spirit Features

» High stabilizing heel cup helps stabilize the foot and ankles against injury and strains.

» Thick cushioning heel absorbs shock and impact, reducing foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.

» Integrated molded arch support helps prevent fallen arches and Plantar Fasciitis." ~ Dawgs Footwear

Other than the look of the Spirit Dawgs catching my attention, I immediately noticed how light-weight they are. It's almost like wearing feathers on your feet...almost. Once I got over the weight of the Spirit Dawgs and took a few steps, I was hit by a feeling of pure comfort. The Spirit Dawgs are not only flexible, but are soft, have a massaging foot bed, cushioning heel, a decent arch support along with a comfortable and supportive heel cup.


I do have to say that a size 11 was a little too big for me. I am a solid (usually) 10.5 in women's and Dawgs Footwear only seems to carry whole sizes, but the Velcro strap across the top part of the shoe really helped to make it so I can wear these shoes without worrying they're going to fall off. The strap is also great if you have wider feet, or decide to wear socks with the shoes. The only thing I wasn't super fond of is that the toe area is really wide looking. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however I have massive feet in the first place, and the width at the top of the shoe just makes my feet look even bigger. I did notice that when my feet got a little sweaty my shoes started making a suction/squeak noise inside because of my feet, however I think that's because the shoes are a little big and my feet have quite a bit of room to move.

There were so many more things that I liked about the Spirit Dawgs that I feel they completely trump the few things I didn't like. Another great feature of the Spirit Dawgs is that they are easily washable! Don't you just hate it when your shoes get filthy and there is nothing you can do about it? Spirit Dawgs are also odor resistant, the soles won't leave marks on your nice shiny floors, and they have a great rubber out sole keeping slipping to a minimum. Overall I really think these are a great pair of shoes, and they're pretty affordable priced at only $40!

Make sure you find Dawgs on Facebook & Twitter because Dawgs Footwear is giving DealPeddler readers a chance at winning their own pair of Spirit Dawgs! The giveaway will run for approximately 1 week. You'll be able to enter [HERE] when it is live. Giveaway is open to residents of the USA who are 18+.

*I received a product for free from Dawgs Footwear in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


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  1. I so liked this – these shoes have thick cushioning heel absorbs shock and impact, reducing foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.
    Thank you.

  2. I Love the Black with the white and the fact that they are non marking!!

  3. I liked the fact that they have arch support… I need that!

  4. I think I’d choose the white/tan

  5. i like the stabilizing heal cup for ankles. i tend to have weak ankles and the extra support would be great.

  6. Very cushiony and I would wear the white and orange or blue. They’re actually cute!

  7. I’ve never worn shoes like this, but they really look comfortable.

  8. I like the black & white

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