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As some of you may know, I've been talking a little about getting goats. (I'm quite obsessed with the whole process right now.) I ran across Homemaid Expressions and just had to contact the owner, Jesalynn, about a product review. Jesalynn creates hand crafted goat milk products including soaps, candles, lip balms, and shampoo! This was perfect timing, because part of the reason why I am getting goats is to try my hand at making goat milk soaps. I had never used goat milk soap before and thought that this was the best way to try them out!

Jesalynn sent me a bar of her Goat Milk Soap in Tea Tree & Calendula scent, a Lotion Candle in Rosewood & Geranium scent, and a beautiful curved soap dish made of beech wood. When I opened the box, the wonderful scents just poured out of it. Everything smelled SO good. (I'm sorry for the water mark on the soap label. I was storing the products in my bathroom before taking a picture, and I guess a little water was splashed onto them.)

I loved that her soaps and candles are attractively labeled, and come with a list of ingredients. This particular bar of soap I received is made with goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oils, essential oils, and calendula petals. The addition of petals was a great touch and made the texture of the soap a little unique. The lotion candle is made with soy wax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter as well as with essential oils. The really nifty thing about her candles is that you can also use them as lotion! After you blow out the candle, the warm melted wax can be used as lotion. According to Jesalynn's product description, the wax burns close to body temperature, so it never gets too hot. You can't beat dual purpose products! I'm not sure if you can tell, but the picture below shows the candle while lit, and if you look at the soap, you can actually see the Calendula petals.

What I liked most about the scents is that they were very earthy. I like to think I'm a hippie at heart; I love the smell of flowers and nature in general, and Jesalynn's products really brought those scents to life and into my home. The ONLY thing that bothered me a little is that the scent of the soap was a little too strong. I should note that this opinion is of the product before use.  After I used the soap a few times I noticed the scent seemed to dilute a little with water and lathering. The other great thing though about such a strong scent is that it lingers on your body for much longer than many soaps I've tried. I liked that even by the end of the day I still smelled pretty darn good, and that there was still a hint of that wonderful earthy smell.

I also thought the actual lather of the soap was incredible. I use one of those fluffy loofa type things, and a little bit of soap went a long way. I loved the bubbles and the richness of the lather! Now, the biggest question is, "How do they feel?" Jesalynn has created products that feel wonderful on the skin. Personally I think the goat milk soap has improved the moisture in my skin, and the lotion candle is just an added treat.

The curved beech wood soap tray I received is beautiful! The reason Jesalynn sent a soap tray with her soap is because it is essential for goat milk soap to stay well drained. According to her product description on her site, if the soap sits in any amount of water for too long it becomes "mush".

Jesalynn has offered DealPeddler followers a 10% discount on her products in her Homemaid Expressions store when you use code dealpeddlerdiscount! While I think her hand crafted products are already priced reasonably, especially when you consider the ingredients and time it takes to make them, you can get them for an even better price for a limited time. She has ALSO offered to give away a bar of soap (winner's choice of scent) and a soap dish to one lucky winner! Giveaway will run 02/19-02/27. The giveaway will be open to residents of the USA who are 18+.

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