Ecover – Sweepstakes


Ecover has a new sweepstakes! Enter [HERE]. Must live in the USA, and must be 18+.

One lucky winner will receive Ecover’s New Laundry and Dish Products plus Coupons for Two Free Ecover Products.

Here is more about your prize:

  • Automatic Dishwasher Powder Zero – 48 oz
  • Laundry Powder Zero – 48 oz
  • Laundry Liquid 2.5X Concentrate Sunny Day – 51 oz
  • Laundry Liquid 2.5X Concentrate ZERO – 51 oz
  • Two coupons for one free Ecover laundry wash product and one other free Ecover product of the winner’s choosing. The coupons can be used at any brick-and-mortar store that sells Ecover products. (Total Estimated Value: $68.15 including coupons).


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