Jooniebeads Treasures – Review

Jooniebeads Treasures

I'm always super impressed when someone can make something that looks store quality. I especially love handmade jewelry. The talent, and care that goes into making something beautiful and wearable amazes me. With that being said, I had the chance to review a pair of earrings from Jooniebeads Treasures. I contacted Amy for two reasons. The first being that I thought all of her jewelry in her Etsy shop was just gorgeous. The second reason is absolutely silly, but Joonie, reminds me of the movie Benny & Joon - I named my daughter after Joon, and we often call her Juni. I figured it was an auspicious coincidence, and I am really glad I began talking with Amy!

Anyway, Amy allowed me to choose a piece of jewelry I thought I would enjoy having instead of just randomly picking something to send. "I always like to make sure anyone who has something from my shop will be happy with it." How thoughtful! I had a really difficult time deciding because everything was just my style. Amy said she loves to work with natural items or anything that looks distressed or is old. Yes! I LOVE just about anything that falls into those categories! I picked out a pair of glass bead dark amber colored earrings. They were so beautiful on the site, I figured they'd have to be beautiful in person. They arrived packaged so nicely in a jewelry box. I though Amy showed great care by not only packaging them in batting, and bubble wrap (not shown), but she also included her business name on a sticker. Cute! I also think it's really classy and professional looking for her to have her earrings not only packaged well, but also hung on one of those earring holder display things. (I have no idea what they're actually called.)


My absolute favorite thing about Amy's earrings is the intricate wire wrapping around the beads. Not only does it enhance the beauty by giving it additional texture and color, while mirroring the geometric shape of the bead, but it was executed very well. The wire is wrapped tightly, and there aren't any sharp ends. She successfully maintained the symmetry between the two earrings as well, which I think is important unless you're really going for that "rebel without a cause" look. Her earrings also come with little stoppers for the back so you can be sure they won't fall out. Perfect! Because with my two small kids liking to grab anything shiny, I need all the help I can get keeping earrings in.

I haven't worn earrings in ages, so I was a little nervous. My ears are really sensitive to certain metals, mainly nickle. They'll turn red, start to itch, and then become really painful. It took a few minutes for my ears to get used to having something hung off of them, but since then I've had zero issues. Because they're glass and wire, they're a little heavier than plastic beads, but they aren't going to drag your lobes down to the point of "wobbling to and fro". (I also have issues with my piercing holes stretching.)

When you shop with Jooniebeads Treasures you can be certain you are getting a great value. When you consider the time and materials spent making the jewelry, the quality, customer service, and then actually see what she sells her pieces for you can walk away knowing that every dime was worth it. Amy would love for you to find her shop on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Why YES, I did say that there is a giveaway with this review! Amy is very generously offering a $20 gift certificate to her store and FREE shipping! She ships internationally too, so I'll open this giveaway up for Canadian residents as well. What can you get for $20 (or less)?

And so much more!



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